5 Things I Like About Melbourne

February 2015 - Queen Victoria Market

Joining the list of my favourite cities is Melbourne. This city has just got the right amount of vibe for first time travellers like me to get so hooked into. From its little alleys that hold so much to see, to its fascinating mix of people and culture, it makes me want to see more of it.

1. Busy Little Alleys

Every alley you turn to has always something going on - cafes, bars, restaurants, shops. You'll never run out of places to check out. 

2. Graffiti (almost) Everywhere!

It may look dirty to some, but I actually appreciate this form of art expression. I have been told this has been banned in the city before. The debate of whether Graffiti is a form of art or crime (vandalism) seems to have been settled as they embrace this as part of their city.

3. Street Art Performers

Amidst the busy city centre, everyone has their own gimmick. Streets have become a wide, open stage to showcase various talents.

4. The Great Ocean Road Trip

Perhaps the highlight of my trip to Melbourne would have to be this one. An endless stretch of crystal clear water on a long and winding road, it has indeed lived up to its name and left me in awe.

The Twelve Apostles
London Bridge
5. The Vibe

There's just something catchy about Melbourne that I find really fascinating. It is probably the mix of people that I have seen. For me, it appears to be more diversified compared to Sydney and Gold Coast. 

It's like that feeling you have when meeting a person for the first time and you feel like you've known him/her for a long time. That's what I had in Melbourne, that feeling of familiarity that I have been there before.

And perhaps I just need to visit Melbourne again to discover more things to like about this city.