Travel in Style: Outfit of That Trip [Europe Edition]

May 2014 Paris, France

I have very much thoroughly enjoyed writing about my first #OOTT blog which surprisingly got a lot of hits. So I decided to write about the Europe Version of it.

It was more of a bit challenging packing for Europe during Spring Season. It was still cold according to the forecast so I had to make sure I'll have enough clothes to keep me warm and at the same time fit them all in one small suitcase and a backpack! (Phew!)

I have decided that for the rest of the cities I will be visiting, I will just use a backpack to make it easier for me to commute with it, rather than dragging a suitcase on train stations. 

I decided to mostly mix and match my dresses that can be easily paired with stockings with designs to make my outfits look more stylish. (*wink, wink) 

I only brought two pairs of ballerina flats, a pair of suede boots, one cardigan , one scarf, one sling bag, three pairs of stockings and four caps. Since I will be using these pieces of items quite a lot, I chose colours that can be worn with the dresses that I have brought.

#OOTT - Amsterdam

On my first day at Amsterdam, my cousin and his good friend took me to the Keukenhof to see the tulips. This park is massive and was so crowded! 

Since this is a wide open area and the temperature was lower, I decided to cover up a lot because I get too cold easily. I was still wearing a coat while my cousin and his friend had only jackets with them! Ha!

Gray Beanie - H&M, Purple Striped Scarf - Accessorize
Pink Coat - Forever21, White Long Sleeved Knitwear - G2000
Gray Leggings - Forever21, Nude Suede Boots - Aldo 
Brown Sling Bag - Esprit, Sunnies - Rayban

After a tiring walk around the Keunkenhof, we drove to Zaanse Schans. It is a community on which the preservation of the Dutch heritage can be greatly seen. From its windmills, lakes and houses, it gives you a glimpse of what it has been like living during the old days.

The Windmills at Zaanse Schans

Wooden Shoes or 'Clogs' are used as a protective footwear of the Dutch farmers.

For my second day in Amsterdam, it was still fairly cold and there were some rain showers. So I did a lot of layering.

[Taken at Museumplein
Blue Printed Dress with Red Belt- Flea Market, Gray Scarf - Landmark Department Store
Stockings with shoes design - flea market, Red ballerina flats- New Look
Navy Blue Knitwear - G2000, Brown sling bag- Esprit

Some Dutch Cheese, anyone?

Since I already knew that this trip will be mostly done in long walks, I opted to wear just flats. It came in handy actually. Because in my experience in London before, European cobblestone is not the easiest to walk onto with heels! Lesson-learnt so I was already prepared for this trip.

Striking a pose just right outside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

My cousin took me to unusual spots, that the locals only know. Something not too touristy yet interesting.

Droog Amsterdam has got some cool stuffs inside worth checking out.

Having some hot choco with my cousin inside Droog Amsterdam
We also went to the Museum of Bags and Purses. I never realised that a usual piece of accessory has got a lot of history to tell and has undergone such transition in design over the years.

Mustard Yellow Cardigan - Cotton On It started to warm up so good thing I still had a thin cardigan underneath. 

A closer look at my OOTT. Behind me is an actual wooden houseboat
To be honest, on some occasions, I did feel a little overdressed walking around in Amsterdam. The locals there are really just very simply dressed. I've been told it might be because their ancestors were farmers thus they were brought up in a simple lifestyle. Either that or I just really enjoy dressing up for trips!

#OOTT - Paris

Aaaah.. Paris! One of the fashion capitals of the world. It actually did live up to its title. Most of the locals were dressed simple yet there will always be a hint of elegance and sophistication with it. It must be a French thing.

It was raining on our second day in Paris so I needed to be wrapped up warmly again. Good thing the dresses that I brought for the trip still look good with stockings on. It's almost as the same outfit I had in Amsterdam, I just changed my dress and stockings and played with caps.

[Taken at Champs Elysees]
Printed Dress- Flea Market, Gray Scarf - Landmark Department Store 
Stockings - New Look, Red ballerina flats- New Look
Navy Blue Knitwear - G2000, Brown sling bag- Esprit
White Beret
- Forever21

We strolled around Paris stopping at the Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, Champ de Elysees, Notre Dame Cathedral and of course the Eiffel Tower. 

On our third day, it was fairly warmer so I was able to wear something light. I decided to go all black and gray. I still had my blue knitwear cardigan with me in case the temperature drops again. Good thing it was all sunny and warm on that day (except at the Versailles).

We went to quite a lot of places - Versailles, Pont des Arts (The Love Bridge) , Sainte Chapelle and the Louvre Museum. 

[Taken at the Louvre Museum]
Black Equestrian Cap - Bugis Street, Gray Turtle Neck top - Forever21
Black Dress - H&M, Stockings - New Look
Black Ballerina Flats - H&M, Brown Sling Bag - Esprit
Silver Long Necklace - Forever21, 
Red Watch - Fossil
Black Sunnies - Rayban

Outside the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Love Lock Bridge

I've enjoyed dressing up in Paris and good thing the outfits I have prepared withstood the unpredictable weather. 

#OOTT - Switzerland

I have underestimated how cold it would get in Switzerland! I had to wear a lot of layering to keep me warm in here. I didn't bring my coat with me as it was too bulky to fit in my backpack.

Underneath this plain looking outfit, I have several layers of warmers inside and leggings too yet I was still cold!
[Taken at St. Moritz]
Thick Knitwear Top - Flea Market, Denim Jeans- Forever21
Brown Suede Boots - Aldo, White Beanie - Forever21
Purple Scarf - (Borrowed), Pink Gloves - Bought at HK
Even when were were already inside the train, it was still cold! We have half opened some of the windows for us to have a better view of the scenic Bernina Pass. Perhaps this was the most relaxed part of our trip, no long walks, the views were just coming by through the windows.

On our way to Tirano, Italy via the Bernina Pass
#OOTT - Italy

Arriving at Milan, Italy straight from our cold encounter on the mountains of Switzerland, we were not for sure prepared for the warm welcome of this Italian city! I had to take off my layers of clothing underneath.

Stop over at Duomo di Milano

The next day, we took a train from Florence to check out the famous Tower of Pisa. To be honest, it wasn't as grand as I thought it would be in person. Nevertheless, we all did the obligatory leaning pose. It was so much fun trying to figure out the right pose. Everyone else was doing it!

Striped Long Sleeve Top - Bugis Street, Black Shorts - H&M
Black Stockings/Leggings - New Look, Red Ballerina Flats - New Look
Black Equestrian Cap - Bugis Street, White Watch - Icewatch, Sunnies -Rayban

It was hard to predict what the weather would be on that day. Though the forecast says it would be sunny all day, the wind was still cold. So I had to still wear some stockings to keep me warm.

[Taken just right outside of Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy]
Not enough time to go around Florence. Few more minutes on our way to catch a train to Rome.

Arriving at Rome the same night, we were told that it would be warmer compared to other European cities because of its geographical location. Boy we were wrong! 

The rain didn't surely help to keep our first day warm. It mostly rained all through out the day! I only prepared dresses for this part of the trip so I had to wear warmer inside and cover it up with my only yellow cardigan. I wasn't too happy with this outfit. But I'd rather wear something to keep me warm than try to pull off an outfit that would not.

[Taken inside The Colosseum]
Red Plaid Dress with Bow Belt - Bugis Street, Black Leggings - H&M
Black Ballerina Flats - H&M, Yellow Cardigan - Cotton On, Brown Sling Bag - Esprit

Walking inside The Colosseum

We took long walks on this day and went to see a lot of ancient ruins - The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatino - which are closely located next to each other. 
On the ruins of the Roman Forum

Piazza Navona is filled with little alleys and cafeterias
Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain

The Spanish Steps

On our second day in Rome, it was fairly warmer but I didn't want to be too sure so I still wore a warmer underneath and stockings. 

We went to Castle de Sant'Angelo, where we had a really good bird's eye view of the city. 

[Just right behind me is St. Peter's Basilica]
Black and Red Plaid Dress - New Look, Black Stockings/Leggings - New Look, Red Ballerina Flats - New Look, Gray Scarf - Landmark Department Store, Red Watch- Fossil, Black Equestrian Cap - Bugis Street, Brown Sling Bag- Esprit, Black Sunnies - Rayban

It was warm and sunny but still when the wind blows, it was still cold especially right at top of Castle de Sant'Angelo. I had to roll up and down my warmer from time to time. Good thing it is also black, which complements with my black dress.

[Taken at Castle de Sant'Angelo]

The Vatican Museum

For Roman Catholics like me, going to the Vatican City is indeed a once in a lifetime experience and worth the trip. From its grand architecture, paintings and very impressive intricate design, you have to really look around - from its ceilings, walls and the floors - every little corner of it was thoughtfully designed.

St. Peter's Basilica

For respecting this sacred place, a very strict dress code is observed. I actually had to put on leggings just in case they didn't approve of my sheer stockings.

Inside the St. Peter's Basilica
#OOTT - Barcelona

We have been told again that Barcelona would be warmer. I think they should define in actual degrees what is their definition of 'warm'. Although it was sunny, the breeze was still cold! The locals were happily strolling and even sun-bathing wearing singlets while we were still covered up! I actually had to wear a warmer inside this dress and cover it with my cardigan.

[Taken right outside Parc Guell]
Blue Polkadot Dress with Red Bow Belt - Flea Market, Black Stockings - New Look
Red Ballerina Flats - New Look, Yellow Cardigan - Cotton On, Brown Sling Bag - Esprit, White Watch - Icewatch, Beaded Necklace - New Look

Barcelona is filled with Gaudi's impressive architecture. He seemed to have left his signature almost everywhere across Barcelona. No one should miss to visit The Sagrada Familia, which is one of his most famous works.

La Sagrada Familia

Right behind me is the cathedral's altar.
We gambled our limited time and took an hour train ride to Catalonia, just right outside of Barcelona, to visit the Montserrat. It is a monastery situated on top of the hill. It was definitely worth the long train ride. The view from above was just spectacular.

Montserrat, Spain

We had a few more minutes to kill before I catch my flight back to Amsterdam that night, so we stopped by Montjuic Castle. The fountain displays and the structure around the castle were just amazing. What I always used to say when being asked what Barcelona is like - it was magical.

Last Stop at Montjuic Castle

This has been the European Version of my Outfit of That Trip blog. I still can't believe I manage to pull off some cute outfits and fit them all in one backpack. Travelling in style doesn't need a luggage after all, it just needs the right amount of clothing and the right colours that can be paired with different outfits. 

Backpacking in Style across Europe! :)