This is Life in Color

May 2014 - Tulips at Keukenhof, Netherlands

I was listening to One Republic over Spotify when their song "Life in Color" came into the playlist. This is one of the songs that cheer me up whenever I feel sad and bored when I don't have any upcoming trips to look forward to. The lyrics of this song reminded me of my EuroTrip.

With 'Thursdays' being the official day of the week for reminiscing and digging up your photo albums for the oldest photos you can find (the older, the better, the more likes), I can't help but to be nostalgic today and browse through my phone. And what did I find? Clips of my Eurotrip.

How does one define a photo, a video or anything as 'old' to be qualified for a ThrowbackThursday post? I don't believe in such thing honestly and I hate following the trend. But just for today, I am giving myself an exception and let my nostalgia bring me back to 6 months ago in Europe. I miss being out there. I *need* to be out there again...

That being said, and because it's Thursday and everyone is entitled to bombard the news feed with Throwback posts, I made this short clip combining whatever video I've had on my phone. Making this made me appreciate videos more than photos. (Note to self: I should take more videos on my next trip).

Going back to the song, I put it on this clip because the lyrics just really says it all. That no matter how bad a day has been, just look around, and find something to feel good about. There is always something to look forward to everyday. That the world is not as bad as it is being portrayed in the media - It holds so much beauty that needs to be seen and experienced. 

"And just when I couldn't run this race anymore
The sun bursts, clouds break
This is Life in Color..."

To end the clip, I added one more of One Republic's song 'I Lived'. This is so inspiring as well and should I've had more videos, the song will be played completely. I read Ryan Tedder wrote this song for his son. It is all about making the most out of your life - taking all the good and the bad, living with no regrets. That's the only way to live life.

"I owned every second that this world could give. I saw so many places, the things that I did
With every broken bone, I swear I lived..."


The clip starts in Amsterdam with its tulips and canals, train ride from Amsterdam to Paris, Paris and The Eiffel Tower, train ride with picturesque landscape of Switzerland, Swiss Alps on St. Moritz, The Bernina Express, The Colosseum of Rome, View of Rome from St. Angelo's Castle, the gorgeous St. Peter's Basilica and Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and ending at Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain. I wish I've had more to add!

These were all taken from my iPhone, it's not even close to what it actually looked like in real life.

And while I'm watching this clip, I could say I have done my fair share of experiencing life so far. With all the places I've been to, cities that I have lived at and people that I have met along - I am just even more excited to experience more.

So much for my nostalgia... Looking forward to my trips for 2015. 
I can't hardly wait!!!