Only in Europe...

Every time I set foot on a new country, it always feels like a new world to me. I feel like an excited kid entering a massive candy store - everything looks so shiny and new to my foreign eyes. My head would literally move around, my eyes can't contain how much there is to see! I don't even know exactly where to lay my eyes upon. There are just so many things to look at - from the architecture of the buildings, the streets, the pavements even the people just strolling around.

Here are a few things that my wandering eyes didn't fail to notice while I was travelling around Europe. Please excuse my ignorance if some of these are not really unusual, but I find these interesting and something that I have only seen in Europe.

Only in Europe....

1. Have I seen interesting traffic signals.

Pedestrian Signs In Paris.
The Red Man holds his hands on his hips to tell you to Stop Crossing.

In Paris. I think it's a stop signal?

In Pisa, Not only they have a Green and Red Man for Pedestrian signal,
they have an Orange Man too. 
In Amsterdam. A dedicated Bike traffic signal.

2. Have I seen how unusual they park their cars in Paris and Italy. 

Too close!
That white car is not making a turn. It is parked.

3. Have I got confused with some of the signs.

Inside the Eiffel Tower, Paris. Male of Female?

In Paris. It looks like "No holding hands with child in public" to me!
 It must be 'No Crossing'.

In Amsterdam. I'm pretty sure the 'No Parking' sign is for the boats.

In Barcelona. No running away together? I think it means "School Zone"?

In Barcelona.
No Faucet? No Swimming, You can get hit by lightning. Definitely No Fish and Turtle to catch in here.

They call it "WiPi" in Pisa.

4. Have I seen tiny gasoline stations on the streets.


5. Have I been inside claustrophobic elevators!

 In Barcelona, Three's a crowd.

In Florence

6. Have I seen a negative floor.

In Barcelona

7. Have I seen the "M" sign for McDonald's in Paris are actually painted white.

Rumour has it that the 'M' sign for McDonald's is painted white so it can blend to the white theme of Parisian stores. With the city being known for its sophisticated sense of style, it seems to be true.

Notice how the "M" facing upfront is white compared to the ones at the wall. It sure doesn't look like it just faded.

McDonald's along Champs Elysees

8. Have I seen interesting design for condoms. Hmmmm...




9. Have I seen a golden boob on the pavement.

Red Light District, Amsterdam

10. Have I seen public toilets like these.

In Paris. It looks like a time capsule.

In Amsterdam. Not much of a privacy for the male public urinal.

11. Have I seen foods like these...

In Barcelona. How do you eat these Chupa Chups?

In Barcelona. Fruit Flavoured Salts. Will it still be salty?

In Rome. Flavoured Pasta

12. Have I seen how we can carry children in different, convenient ways.

In Paris. Baby Backpack

In Amsterdam. The basket-like attached to the bike is for babies.

In Amsterdam. Not only you can put your stuff, a child can fit in!

13. Have I seen so much anger for tourists.

In Barcelona. Apparently, these are the locals' rebellion against tourist invasion who are desecrating the Gaudi sites.