Of English Countryside and Castles

April 2010 - Chalke Valley

After my 2 week training in Bristol, I decided to take another week off before I flew back to Dubai and explore more of the UK.

Driving through the green scenery of the English countryside is perhaps my favourite part of my UK Trip. From being so used to the skyscrapers of Dubai, it was just so refreshing to see an endless stretch of green fields.

For this trip, I was joined by my (ex) boyfriend. He really wanted to see the Stonehenge so we rented a car and drove from Bristol.

I was never a big history buff, but seeing the Stonehenge was truly fascinating. We arrived there just right before lunch time so there were not too many tourists.

From afar, it just looked like ordinary rocks but from up close, you would second thought how they were put together like that.


We were told they hold an annual festival wherein people can actually get close to the stones. But during most days, the access to is forbidden, mainly for preservation purposes.

On our way to find a place to stay for the night, we stumbled upon this little stream and decided to pull over. Such discoveries is one of the adventures I always look forward to during trips. Places that may not even be on any travel books.

After several hours of driving around, we managed to find a very cosy bed and breakfast.

This is owned by a very lovely English couple. They were really very accommodating even though we booked at the very last minute. The room was very clean and the view from the window was absolutely gorgeous. Nothing refreshing than waking up to the chirps of birds by the window.

Greenbank Bed and Breakfast

Before we started our day, the landlady suggested for us to take a short walk just right up the hill and get a good view of the Chalke Valley.

It was a good cardio exercise in the morning anyway and the view was fantastic. Couldn't get any better view from above. We were shouting and laughing as we hear our voices echo back. 

The next day, we went to Leeds Castle.

I have never been in any castles before so this was indeed a good treat to add in our holiday.

The Leeds Castle
The walk towards the castle proper has got some impressive garden. It was like a painting come to life. 

The weather was a bit gloomy but it didn't shadowed over how lovely the waters surrounding it was.

Most of the rooms were opened to the public for viewing and somewhat converted to museums. Some of its rooms were also being rented to be used for special occasions such as weddings.

I have written this blog five years after the trip, I can't recall that much details to be honest so I have to cut it short. Nevertheless, I hope the photos were sufficient enough to show how truly beautiful the England countryside and castles are.