More of Coron, Palawan

February 2013
Black Island, Coron

I'm not entirely sure where the name of the island originated, but it's definitely not black at all. The purest, finest, whitest sand and blue green waters you could ever see- this is a definition of paradise.

So after our trip to Calauit Island, we set off to this beautiful secluded island.
This is by far my favourite place on earth. Due to its remote location, not a lot of people visit here. By the time we got there, we had the island to ourselves.

 Apart from its beautiful beach, this island has also a charming cave. You can also swim in the water inside but we were hesitant to disturb its peaceful environment. It was really quiet inside, a flick of sunshine somehow brightens the cave so you can still see the stalactites and stalagmites formation.

Our tour guide claims that there was once a Japanese soldier who got stranded and have been living in this cave during the World War II. He has survived for several years trapped in the island and was still found alive and healthy. 

The water is so clear it looks like a mirror.

After exploring the cave, we headed off to the beach and just enjoyed snorkeling where we found family of clownfish! I got too excited as I am very fond of Nemo (clownfish from Disney's Finding Nemo).

The island is also being taken care of some of the locals who live there. They ensure the cleanliness of the island and you can tell that they are doing a great job.

Blue-green waters, Blue Sky, Whitest and Purest Sand.

Before we headed back to Coron, we ended our trip by doing some more snorkeling in the Coral Garden and spotting some Japanese Shipwrecks. 

During the World War II, The Philippines was colonised by Japan thus explaining a number of Japanese War shipwrecks found on the oceans of Coron. There are about eleven of them and we were able to see three through snorkeling. The others are submerged in deeper levels of water and would require diving to see them.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed snorkeling at the Coral Garden. It is indeed like its name, a garden full of colourful corals that sway with the waters like they were waving hello to us.

This was indeed the perfect way to end our trip to Coron. I would definitely come back to this charming island. Not only I was captivated by the corals, shipwrecks and schools of fish under its oceans but mostly its timeless lagoons, massive rock formations and exquisite beaches.