24 Hours in Bangkok

March 2011 - The Grand Palace, Bangkok
I've always had the impression of Bangkok as a place to shop really cheap. That's what I have always heard about it. It didn't disappoint on that fact, they do actually have a lot of stores and a lot of things to shop for. I actually thought we were just going to do some shopping. Bangkok turns out to be more than just that. 

I was supposed to be just having a layover to Bangkok on my way to PhuketBut then my brother and his colleagues were having a trip to Bangkok as well so I invited myself and decided to spend one night.  

Bangkok reminded me in some ways of Manila. Through its busy streets and little alleys selling almost anything, it kinda felt like being back home.

Bangkok, Thailand

Tuk-Tuk is the most popular, cheap mode of transportation.

For one day, we managed to visit quite a lot of interesting spots in Bangkok, mostly showcasing their strong religious culture. Below are the places we managed to visit. Most of these don't require much time to explore but would recommend to hire a car or van for convenience of transportation. 

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

Buddhism is greatly seen in this city. I've never seen so much Buddha images on display in my life. 

The Reclining Buddha

Wat Pho also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Before we headed out of the temple, there is a ritual where visitors can participate. There are several coins given and a line of empty pots. The aim is to fill the pots with the coins you have as you move forward while making a wish. If you happen to fill in all the pots with the coins you have up until to the last pot, your wish will be granted.

With my brother, filling up the pots with our coins.

Ayothaya Floating Market

I think there are several floating markets in Bangkok. Our driver/tour guide recommended for us to have lunch and visit the newly opened Floating Market instead to avoid the crowd.

It wasn't as busy as I expected it to be. Maybe because it was still fairly anyway. But it is a good place to eat and do some souvenir shopping.

The Summer Palace

One of the many palaces in Bangkok, this palace is formerly used by the Thai royalties and has been since opened to the public. It is mostly filled with vast gardens and impressive landscape.

The Summer Palace

Some of its structures are somewhat Chinese-inspired

Some parts of it have temples that are open to the public. Just like any other religious temples, proper dress code should be observed when entering its premises. 

The Grand Palace

Perhaps the most popular tourist spot in Bangkok, this huge complex used to be the residence of the King and Queen until 1925. It did actually live up to its English name for the grandeur it has. The colour gold is very prominent on its structures.

This has been my short trip to Bangkok. Even if it was just for a day, my impression of this city has changed. It is indeed a city full of impressive places to show off their culture and religion.